Empire of Innerot

The largest empire in all of Versania, it has enjoyed centuries of dominance in trade, military and magical knowledge. Predominantly Human, the nobility of this realm see themselves as proud, powerful members of an Imperial Court based in Dengun, the capital. no matter how far away they live.

This means that the majority of them think themselves above the common "man" and have the pomp and circumstance to prove it. Even the lowest ranking nobles would expect lesser men to bow to their wishes. Despite this, they generally rule as part of a council of these "lesser men", a system that is replica of how the Emperor rules, through the an assembly or Archdukes, each Archduke has an assembly of Dukes, but all have non-noble Advisers.

For all this nobility and a feudal division of land and privilege, the common folk still enjoy relative freedom and a good quality of life – the nobles aren't generally cruel, just pompous. Most common folk are more than happy to put up with a little forelock tugging and bowing, so long as their day to day lives are generally unaffected.

The possible exception to this are the Cavaliers and Squires – nobility in name, but generally only granted it by virtue of being a part of the Order of the Enlightened Mind, an empire wide organisation tasked with enforcing the Imperial will across the land. They does sometimes draw the ire of the non-noble simply because of proximity – they directly interfere in the day to day workings

Empire of Innerot

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