Order of the Enlightened Mind

An empire wide organisation often just called the Order, tasked with enforcing the Imperial judgement across the land. They does sometimes draw the ire of the non-noble simply because of proximity – they directly interfere in the day to day workings, but they generally travel the land acting as judges for the smaller towns and villages, where the order doesn't have a permanent prescence

Founded by a member of the lower nobility as a way of furthering the education of more intelligent members of the empire. Aim was to better the empire for all, including through development of arcane and divine magics. Many of the spells of this age came from their Universities. From this they were given an Imperial mandate – effectively giving them permission to practice their craft and research anywhere in the empire.

They did so with gusto, often travelling and seeing the towns of villages of the empire to try and find the most intelligent. As they spread, they become known arbitrating disputes and acting as independent judges. This unofficial posting became official by the hand of the Empress of the time.

Any Cavalier can sponsor a person or group of persons and take them into their employ as Neophytes – members in training that are responsible for themselves and have none of the Neophytes say.

Order of the Enlightened Mind

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